Commerce info tracking, etc

Nice idea, building collaborative software for tagging and tracking commercial products. “Network of Integrated Consumer Knowledge” Eugene based software co.

Grass Commons, a 501(c)3 public interest charity, is building pipelines between those who can generate information about products and companies and those who can use that information to build a more sustainable economy and a better world.

Grasscommons seems to have a collaborative relationship with Hooze, is about collaborating to gather useful, reliable info about the products and companies that are shaping our world.

Hooze is the world’s first public wagging site. Wagging combines wiki and tagging in unique ways so that communities of users can organically develop ways of organizing and presenting information. The combo cards at the bottom of this page are an example of how wagging differs from other tools.

And also seems to be building tools like data integration engines. Not only that, but also researching for open-source licensing for structured data. Something that would be very important for an organization that would like to curate data and provide it to the public…

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