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A Proto-Blog

Back in the dark ages before CMS, I tried to move the notes from a thesis project into an online form. It didn’t work very well, but I think some of the texts and comments are still interesting.

This site is an experiment. I’m starting research for a thesis on the Transmission of Information in Social Networks and the Environment. I’m hoping that this website will become an integral part of the research by providing a location for discussion, commentary and criticism. Ideally it will augment the verbal discussions I have with people by creating a written record of discussion and the drafting of ideas.

screen shot of skye's proto-blog

Video Tracking Project

Trails in Newman CourtIn May 1999, I took architecture/sculpture course titled “Idiosyncratic Apparatus” (Sue Reese and Donald Sherifkin). I was interested in visualizing the paths traced out by individuals as they moved through spaces. I wanted to make the architectural concept of the “program of circulation” concrete and measurable. I was also curious what might be revealed about the social psychology of individual interaction if there was a methodology for precisely recording the positions and velocities of individuals in relation to each-other and the environment they were moving through.
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