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The following organizations have been placed on the list by [CLASSIFIED] until such time as [CLASSIFIED] or [TOP SECRET].   Under no circumstances should you trust any information from these sources, as they may present facts and viewpoints contrary to those presented by major media outlets.

This list has been compiled from [CLASSIFIED], any listed organization or individual who believes that they have been listed in error may contact [CLASSIFIED].

Dangerous Organizations:

Electronic Privacy Information Center




Santa Claus

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Mahatma Gandhi

Center for Digital Democracy

Institute for Public Accuracy

American Civil Liberties Union


Earth First!

National Lawyers Guild

U.S. Postal Service

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"... History has called our empire into action. History has placed a great challenge before us: Will America -- with our unique position and power -- blink in the face of history, or will we lead to a freer, more civilized world? There's only one answer: This great empire will lead the world to safety, security, peace and freedom. May God bless America."

                       -President George w. Bush

"Terrorism must be decontextualized"

                          -Richard Perle?


The Homeland Security Advisory System is a means to dissimulate information regarding the risk of terrorist acts by federal, state, and local authorities against the American people.

Oblivious = Green

Prozak-ed = Blue

Elevated = Yellow

Paranoid = Orange

Terrified = Red

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legally of course, this site is a spoof.  Any similarity to the official Department of Defense and White House sites is purely a matter of humorous coincidence