About Me

My consulting projects usually involve cleaning, matching, mushing, scraping, aggregating and disambiguating raw data from many messy forms into well-structured usable information and presenting it on the web. Lots of experience developing open source software for social network analysis and animating dynamic network structures — such as models of HIV transmission in networks of sex contacts — to support academic research.

You can find me on github, Stack Overflow, SourceForge. I’m the CRAN maintainer for several R packages including ndtv and tsna.

The best way to reach me is by email: skyebend(at_sign_goes_here)skyeome.net

Some publications and projects are listed here

I have well over a decade of experience designing and building network visualization libraries for analyzing longitudinal graph data. I teach tutorials and have published several papers.

I’m great at:

  • Translating client needs into a concrete technical problem
  • Researching existing work we can draw on
  • Figuring out the right tools and techniques for the job at hand
  • Evaluating what we can do with the data we have
  • Inventing new stuff when necessary
  • Kicking tires to find the edge cases that break things
  • Coordinating a team to make it move forward
  • And building it all together into something other people can use.

I’m always interested in exploring how we can use new tools better understand and communicate the social structures, cultural patterns, economic flows, and corporate and government jurisdictions we are embedded in.

Skills / Keywords

R, Java, Python, HTML5, Javascript, PHP, LAMP Stack, SQL, Data Visualization, Network Visualization, Social Network Analysis, Dynamic Network Analysis, Link Analysis, Entity Extraction, Information Design, API Design, Package Development, Database Design, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Technical Writing, Requirement Writing


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